Saksham Nagrik Mohim


The activity “Saksham Nagarik Mohim” is being implemented by Bhagyashree Foundation in various schools. Under this programme due to simple things such as good understanding and mutual trust between students and teachers has increased confidence of students resulting in their overall progress. This is the core of this campaign.

 “Rojnishi Upkram” guided by renowned nuclear scientist Dr. Anil Kakodkar helps in improvement of Student’s reading, writing and comprehension skills.

“Aatmanirbhar Yuvak Upkram”  guided by Lieutenant General (Dr) D. B. Shekatkar make students aware towards social awareness, importance of discipline and punctuality.


Under the guidance of Major Subhash Gawand, “Basic Military Introduction” camps were conducted in various schools, mainly for Bhiwandi Municipal Corporation schools, for the youth to guide regarding the requisites to join the army.


Renowned surgeon Dr. V. N. Srikhande while guiding the teachers.

Major Subhash Gawand while guiding the teachers.

Commissioner Shri.Manohar Hire while guiding the teachers.

Additional Commissioner Shri. Ashok Kumar Rankhamb while guiding the teachers.



On 16/01/2024, By joint initiative of “ Thane Municipal Corporation” and “Bhagyashree Foundation” , ‘Saksham Nagarik Mohim’ programme was inaugurated by eminent scientist Hon’ble Dr.Anil Kakodkar . On this occasion, Additional Commissioner of Thane Municipal Corporation Hon’ble Mr. Sandeep Malvi, Deputy Commissioner Hon’ble Shri. Umakant Gaikwad, President of Bhagyashree Foundation Dr. Jitendra Kher, Vice President Mrs. Shilpa Kher and teachers of the Municipal Corporation were present. This program hosted by Dr.Seema Hardikar.

Bhagyashree Foundation in association with Thane Municipal Corporation intiated the first training for the teachers of 135 schools of Thane Municipal Corporation under “Saksham Nagarik Mohim” on 1st March, 2024 with the cooperation of Commissioner of Thane Municipal Corporation Shri. Abhijit Bangar, Additional Commissioner Shri. Sandeep Malvi, Deputy Commissioner Smt. Varsha Dixit, Education Officer Shri. Balasaheb Rakshe . On behalf of Bhagyashree foundation Dr. Seema Hardikar, Smt. Shilpa Kher, Smt. Pranali Gawle, Smt. Sakshi Mhatre, Smt. Bhavana Dhotre guided the teachers. The teachers of Thane Municipal Corporation responded very well to this activity.

Teachers Training Camp , Kolhapur

For 2000 Zilla parishad schools of Kolhapur district , Bhagyashree foundation has conducted Saksham Nagrik Mohim ( Teachers Training ) in Kolhapur

Chief Executive Officer of Kolhapur Zilla Parishad (IAS) Shri. Sanjay Singh Chavan, Education Officer Smt. Asha Ubale, Vice President of Bhagyashree Foundation Smt. Shilpa Kher and other dignitaries present during inauguration of camp under “Saksham Nagrik Mohim ” at Kolhapur.

Different moments of Teachers Training Camp , Kolhapur

Teachers felicitation ceremony (June 2023) under the Saksham Nagarik Mohim

Kolhapur Zilla Parishad and Bhagyashree Foundation honored 10 teachers who have done excellent work in their daily activities during the last year under the Saksham Nagarik campaign by respected Chief Executive Officer Sanjay Singh Chavan.

Education Officer Mrs. Asha Ubale and Vice President of Bhagyashree Foundation Mrs. Shilpa Kher were also present on this occasion.

It is our humble request to all the teachers that they should implement similar activities in their schools on a daily basis.

Programme held in various schools of Kolhapur Zilla Parishad

In November and December 2022, various schools of Kolhapur Zilla Parishad were visited by “Bhagyashree Foundation” to provide detailed information about “Rojnishi Upkram” and ” Atmanirbhar Yuvak Upkram” under the “Saksham Nagrik Mohim”. These visits were organized with help of Kolhapur Zilla Parishad Officers. Chief Executive Officer of Kolhapur Honorable Shri. Sanjay Singh Chavan (I.A.S.) , Education Officer Mrs. Asha Ubale and all the teachers of Kolhapur Zilla Parishad, special thanks to all of them for their cooperation!
Learning through reading, writing , through one’s own thoughts and experience is mainly intended to be included in the curriculum. In accordance with that, “Rojnishi Upkram” is written by Dr.Anil Kakodkar. Also, “Atmanirbhar Rojnishi Upkram” explaining the importance of discipline and self-confidence in education, has been prepared under the guidance of Lt. Gen. (Dr.) Dattatraya Shekatkar. Teachers were guided through these manuals. Some of the teachers said that the students have started writing daily journal under the guidance of teachers and it is being used for student’s personality development.

Photos of various school visits of Kolhapur in Feb - March 2023 under " Saksham Nagrik Mohim ".

Meetings with BRC ( Block Resource Center) members and subject specialists of 12 talukas of Kolhapur district under the “Saksham Nagrik Mohim ” programme . This activity is being implemented in a proper systematic way to all the schools of Kolhapur Zilla Parishad by Bhagyashree Foundation.