About Bhagyashree Foundation

As our logo suggests BHAGYASHREE FOUNDATION stands strong on the Four Pillars of Education, Support, Power & Wisdom.

By education we do not mean imparting only academic or literary knowledge ,but along with academic we also believe in delivering pratical knowledge which will develop the overall personality of the child and prepare them for the challenges in life.By wisdom we mean the ability to know their inner strength , the wisdom to take right decisions. We intend to support the children with this education based on wisdom which will help them understand their true power  and make them future responsible citizens which will be beneficial for the betterment of the society as well as our Country.

We at Bhagyashree foundation thrive to make children realize their true interest and encourage them to excel in the same. For instance this boy in the adjoining photo Aakash Torane was average in academics but had interest in painting. So we encouraged him to take part in drawing competition. He got 3rd prize in the competition. Further we guided him to take part in other competition in which he secured 1st prize and his article featured in DNA newspaper .Due to this his confidence increased as result he has excelled in studies too. Today he is working with a well known CA firm.



At present our prime objective is to provide education to the needy & deserving children & create awareness among them. To help children from low-socio economic status struggling to complete their education due to various reasons. Children are the future of the nation & hence we want to start our work from the grassroot level. We want to create individuals with unique identities & not mere  batch of educated lot without vision. These children will be the future representatives of our country.


Bhagyashree Foundation aims at being the guiding light & not the crutches of the less fortunate ones. We aim to give vision to them so that they look at the world from different perspective & can live in this society with independence and dignity. We also want to make present of these people so strong & sturdy that they can design their own future.

Bhagyashree means the strength within me & utilizing this strength for evolving in life. Thus the person can walk on the path of progress confidently.

The poem below written by Vice President Mrs. Shilpa Kher indicates our motto very well.