Camps at PRC

Paraplegic Rehabilitation center takes care of the soldiers who are wounded while serving the nation. Their energy, positive outlook towards life, never die spirit, and courage is really commendable.

Bhagyashree foundation has organized few camps at PRC (Paraplegic Rehabilitation Center)

Badminton Practice Session

At PRC in spite of their physical disability, many inmates are playing different games like Basket Ball, Table Tennis, Badminton, etc., and also are participating in national and international levels including Para Olympics.

Bhagyshree Foundation has arranged a Badminton practice session at PRC with well-known common wealth champion Aditi Mutatkar.

Drawing Session

At PRC many inmates have learned mouth painting and are participating in many exhibitions. Bhagyashree Foundation has arranged a practice session of painting with the help of well know artist from Mumbai.

  • Shri. Shailesh Salvi.
  • Shri. Prashant Mankar (Art Director of Loksatta)
  • Shri. Ajit Lotalikar¬†

Interaction Of Children With Paraplegic Soldiers

Action always speaks louder than words. The interaction with Indian soldiers taught a new way of life to these economically backward children without any lengthy lectures they learned the true meaning of courage and commitment hence it helped them to make their personality strong.

Playing Games With Paraplegic Soldiers

By seeing the exceptional willpower of the paraplegic soldier children learned to face every situation in life with a positive attitude.