Guiding the Youth through Books

Inspirational Books written by Smt. Shilpa Kher – Vice President Bhagyashree Foundation

Books are a very important medium to impart knowledge & good values to all.

Bhagyashree Foundation’s mission is to spread knowledge to everyone at the grass root level which will help to empower their personality. Smt. Shilpa Kher, Vice President of Bhagyashree Foundation has written some books for the youth.

Details are as follows-


Truth is Eternal. In this novel, a woman journalist’s struggle for truth is shown. This is the story of her struggle when she goes to help a young man in Kashmir who is forced to leave behind his family, his stable life in the city to become a terrorist, and how the truth wins out in the end.











2) SOLDIER IN ME – PART 1 (2014)

The story of Captain Bhaskar and Aditi shows what a soldier’s spirit is and why it is necessary to have it in every person for their overall progress. This book has been prefaced by Major Subhash Gawand. He was so impressed by Smt. Shilpa Kher’s writing of the book that according to him this book deserved 100 guns salute.











3) SOLDIER IN ME – PART 2 (2015)

This is continuation of Soldier in Me – Part 1  prefaced by Ex- IAS officer Shri Avinash Dharamadhikari.

4) JUST BELIEVE (2015)

Nothing is impossible in this world if we decide something from our heart and follow it consistently. It unfolds through the story of Simi and his other companions. This book was prefaced by well known author Dr. Vijaya Wad.












This book is inspired by Major Manish Singh’s story who is paraplegic “Shaurya Chakra “ winner military officer from special forces .

Why is it important for youth to learn from a soldier’s outlook on life?How a person can overcome his physical disability through mental strength??

Along with our personal progress, as a citizen of this country, we have some duty towards our country, if we try to fulfill it only then our personality can develop in a real sense. An attempt has been made to introduce this ideology to the youth through the story of Captain Mihir.This book is prefaced by Shri Avinash Dharamadhikari and Colonel Sardesai.



Concepts of success have changed a lot in the modern era. Only one’s own personal progress, that too mainly on a material level is considered success everywhere. Be it marks in studies or medals in sports or the next big job. The financial prosperity and fame that comes from big business is seen as a success in society. But this is not real success but a mirage. This success does not develop our personality. Neither have we got real satisfaction nor mental stability from such materialistic success.If one cannot understand difference between price and value they will remain unstable at the peak of success. An example of this is the increasing instability, imbalance, increasing mental illness and suicide in this society.

In this book interviews of prominent personalities like Shri. Meera Borwankar (IPS), Shri. Ravindra Prabhudesai, Shri. Avinash Dharmadhikari, Dr. Premanand Ramani (Neurosurgeon), Mrs.Anjali Bhagwat, Dr. Prakash Amte (Social Worker), Dr. Raghunath Mashelkar (Scientist), Dr. Narendra Jadhav, Adv. Ujwal Nikam, Shri. Bharat Dabholkar, Shri. Nitin Gadkari are published.

When the world-famous scientist Dr. Raghunath Mashelkar says,’ My success is not my 35 doctorate degrees, but the spirit of working wholeheartedly for the grassroots people of my country. Similar views have been expressed by other dignitaries. This will introduce the youth to sustainable success in life.












Indian culture says that the balance of this universe is kept by Shiva and Shakti. Both are equal. When we salute the patriotism, sacrifice, and valor of the soldiers, we cannot neglect the roles of their wives in their work . The life of a soldier cannot be fully understood by us without knowing sacrifices of their wives and families .Through this book, we try to understand a soldier’s life, their sacrifice and compliance of duty so that today’s youth can derive motivation from it & make it part of their life.This book is prefaced by lieutenant general Dr. D. B. Shekatkar











8) SUVARNAKAN (2018)

 What should a Guru be like and what should a disciple learn from him? The guidance on this subject comes from the stories told by many distinguished disciples about their Gurus in this book.



Like the first part, this part also tries to explain to the youth the approach of really successful people towards sustainable success. Dr. Anil Kakodkar, Shri. Vikram Gokhale, Shri. Ajit Parsanis, Dr. Vitthal Kamat,Smt. Medha Patkar, Dr. V. N. Shrikhande, Shri. Prabhakar Deodhar, Shri. Rishikesh Yadav, Justice B. N. Shrikrishna, Smt. Sumitratai Mahajan, Shri. Dilip Vengsarkar.This book is prefaced by Ex- Chief Justice Shrimati Mrudulatai Bhatkar.









10) RAM-AYAAN (2020)

 Ramayana is an epic story in Indian culture. Saint Maharishi Valmiki has introduced the eternal values of life, duty, sacrifice, truth, and bravery from the story of Shri Ram. What should be taken from all these stories is Shri Rama’s nature and his view of life. But sometimes, without paying attention to it, we discuss Ramayana being true or false, Shri Ram was right or wrong, etc. We should focus on the teachings of Ramayana; we should focus on the reason why our metaphysics recognizes Ramayana as epic. We should focus on what should we learn from Ramayana. How to use this to enrich your life is presented through the novel ‘Ram-Ayaan’.













This is the second book in the series of  “Shivachi Shakti ” which explains that a couple’s complimentary life is not only the base of a content family but also it plays an important role in the well-being of the society .

Our policemen, who are 24×7 engaged in fulfilling the responsibility of social security, are often not able to pay attention to their homes. Through this book, author Mrs Shilpa Kher has made an attempt  to introduce their lives through the interviews of their wives, who manage the full responsibility of the house and family efficiently . They are the support of not only their families but indirectly they also support internal security of the nation. Hat’s off to them !!











12 .  Yog Karmasu Kaushalam

Yoga is not to be performed; yoga is to be lived.  ” Yog Karmasu Kaushalam ” book written by Mrs. Shilpa Kher was published by Dr. Premanand Ramani (Eminent Neuro and Spinal Surgeon) in July 2023. Dr. Kala Acharya (former director K.J. Somaiya Bharatiya Sanskriti Peetham) was present as the chief guest on this occasion .This book has been published by Grantali Publications. In this book the true meaning of Yogic way of life has been explained and how it is useful for making life successful.Yoga develops a balance between your body, mind and soul. Yoga is not about the shape of your body, but the shape of your life.


On the occasion of 150th birth anniversary of Dharamveer Dr. Balkrishna Munje (founder of Bhonsala Military School, Nashik),  Smt. Shilpa Kher wrote books based on his life Kartavya path  (Hindi, Marathi), Yodha (Hindi), Ladhvayya (Marathi).

Kartavya path (Hindi)

Kartavya path (Marathi)

Yodha (Hindi)

Ladhvayya (Marathi)