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Sponsored children of Bhaygashree Foundation

Home Visit

Why visit children at their homes? A question raised by many. Even the school teachers have asked what is the need to meet children at their home, when they come to school & even their parents turn up for the parents meeting. But Dr. Jitendra Kher President of Bhagyashree Foundation is of the strong opinion that we should know or rather we should visit our student’s homes, to understand their background, their surrounding, and the atmosphere from where they come.

Teachers play a vital role in bringing out the best in children, making them better citizens, to develop their personalities, but the base is the home. As home is the first school that a child learns the most from. His overall development be it physical, mental, or social, all starts from his home & his surroundings.

From a recent survey done by many renowned psychiatrists, it has come to the light that a child’s mental development is completed by the age of five. It means that a child acquires & develops 60-70% of his personality from the way he has been bought up for the initial five years of his childhood. And as a matter of fact, the formal school education starts after 5th year, which signifies that children come to school with a certain personality & mental frame of mind imbibed on them since childhood. As teachers or guides or counselors we can give directions to the children, but if we want to develop their personality or bring some positive change in them, it is very important to know their home& the surrounding they come from.

At, Bhagyashree Foundation, we don’t believe only in bookish knowledge. Our aim is to develop wholesome citizens from our students. Our several year’s experiences speaks that, to enlighten our students with the knowledge and to develop their overall personality it is important to know their home, their background & their environment.

Camp Programmes & Activities

It is our experience for years that, for the overall development of a child it is very important to engage them in extracurricular activities along with formal education. These various programs & activities boost the confidence of the children. It allows them to open up & understand their hidden talents. They ask questions, they are inquisitive & curious to learn. They want answers to questions like I want to become a Doctor, then why should I study Civics & Geography? If I want to become a Hindi Professor then how will Maths & Science help me in this? I want to work in the art field, I love drawing but I hate studies, then what is the connection between drawing & studies…?The questions are never-ending but the answers are never known, as the parents & teachers always neglect their questions. Many times they are termed as naughty & disobedient children.

We at Bhagyashree Foundation, work for the betterment & development of these children who come from socially & economically backward classes. As most of their parents don’t even have the time to speak or discuss anything with them. many are addicted to alcohol. They don’t understand the importance of education & so are not keen on their children’s education.

Under all these circumstances these children grow. Hence, they lack the basic requirement for education & development i.e. understanding & encouragement. The result of this is even the calibered children cannot prosper & may fall in bad company.

Our objective to run camps & organize various activities & programs is to make these children active. To involve them & encourage them to participate in different activities, to understand their mind & their unanswered questions, to make them speak out their thoughts. To make them understand the importance of discipline, hard work & dedication through games, stories, skits, or any other entertainment medium. To make them realize their strength, to help them understand & overcome their drawback. Many renowned personalities are invited to address, guide& counsel children. At times, these prominent people have also admitted to having learned a lot from these kids.

Bhagyashree Foundation aims to create individuals with unique identities, self-confidence, self-reliance & above all better human beings from these children.

Paraplegic Rehabilitation Centre

Bhagyashree Foundation’s Vice President Mrs. Shilpa Kher had visited PRC through Foundation. The objective of the meet was to undertake various beneficial programmes for the disabled soldiers. But after visiting & personally meeting the solider she realized they are not disabled but “differently abled.” We have lot to learn from them. Paraplegic is a condition where a person is paralyzed from the waist down. But after seeing these soldiers, we felt we were falling short of words to describe the confidence that reflected on their face. Once, fighting for the nation & now paralyzed & wheelchair bound nobody can make out the difference in them. They have dedicated their life for the nation, have served the nation & have happily accepted the disability they have got while serving their motherland. There was not a remorse sign of frustration or depression on the faces of these Jawans. The atmosphere was full of mirth, laughter & joy. These Jawans have received various medals & awards for sports both nationally & internationally. It was really an inspiring experience.

Mrs. Shilpa Kher personally spoke with every Jawan. And asked the same question to each of them- Do they regret joining Army? If they were doing some other service or job they could’ve avoided this situation. As the question was same, so was the answer from every Jawan – No, we do not regret. What has to happen it happens. We are satisfied & happy that we could do something for our nation, our motherland. If life gives another chance we would love to join army again. As the saying goes “Once A Soldier Always a Soldier” was experienced at this centre. The credit for this attitude of the Jawans is the training they get at the military academy. The training never leaves them nor does the pride, is what Mrs. Kher felt.

The Soldiers energy, positive outlook towards life, never die spirit & the attitude to live life to the fullest come what may, is really commendable. Mrs. Shilpa Kher, felt these brave hearts can be an excellent example for our students. So, on the similar lines she shared her experience in story form with the students. And the result was very positive. Seeing at the improvement and change these kids have shown, we are now thinking how we can intertwine the Jawans & our student’s programmes for the latter’s development.

Event: 21st December 2013

On 21st December 2013 Event was organized by Bhagyashree Foundation in which all the inmates of PRC and their families participated.

The Soldiers played Basket Ball match and Throw Ball match. There was Badminton match and Table Tennis match between the inmates of PRC and Bhagyashree Foundation children. It was a great sight to see this India’s real hero’s playing with full enthusiasm. Their disability was not their weak point instead it was their strength. We found that what training they get in Army and what devotion and dedication they have for Country makes them a strong personality.

We wanted children to learn from these strong personalities that any difficulty in life could be conquered with strong will power.

Loksatta Yashasvi Bhava Book distributed in Shivai Vidyalaya & M.D. Keni Vidyalaya to our sponsored students.